What is happening to the children while ‘at home’ during C19 epidemic?

What is happening to the children while ‘at home’ during C19 epidemic? Each of us has made their own observations and it would be good if we shared. Lately the following have been my observation:

We live in a suburban estate of Nakuru, Kenya. Right outside our compound, about 40 metres away there is a street intersection (with one blind end) where some twenty or so school going children from the neighborhood have been gathering daily to play football among other child games all day long. Actually no need to describe normal child play.

A bunch of them are my immediate neighbours. This has been more so in the last two month. No social distance, no mask whatsoever.  Efforts to discourage this has with time failed since the parents are not for it. Could we say those children were indeed at home while they were not inside the home?

Right inside my compound my three children have literally not left the compound perimeter wall since March when schools closed abruptly due to Corona. They  do not even to go to the shop. They play inside the closed compound.

Whereas some of these kids outside the gate as I am the told were my children’s school mates.
The following are questions begging for answers:

1) have we lost it?
2) were the efforts going down the drain in as far as children are concerned?
3) if I take care of my own and the neighborhood doesn’t, what happens when schools open?
4) isn’t it about time we flood – expose the kids to the microbes and hope for the best?

5) is it safe for my child to go back to school?

They say the immunity of those who have been indoors will likely be lower than those roaming freely, so where are we going with this?

Even at the risk of betraying my medical background, I am in dilemma. It looks apparent we have to learn to live with it.

Seems we will have to go back to herd immunity issues. Only that we have to be careful not to overstretch health facilities and services.

Like one of my learned friend is ford of saying ‘Covid-19 is not worse than Malaria (at least mortality-wise) and other diseases’.

The hard question for our weighing and consideration is: What is happening to the children while ‘at home’ during C19 epidemic? That is if at all they are indeed at home and not inside the home. Further information on how to prepare for back to school Government guidelines see  UNICEF link.

(Featured image courtesy of clip developer Mangema)

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