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Corona virus (2019nCoV): why Kenyan nurses might be a worried lot

There is reason enough to worry as Kenyan nurses about Corona virus (2019nCoV). As Nurses Know the basics first: COVID-19 = ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease 2019nCoV=2019 novel corona virus Spherical enveloped particles containing single-stranded RNA. The envelope bears club-shaped glycoprotein projections. Transmission is usually via airborne droplets to


MEMORANDUM: A CITIZEN’S CONTRIBUTION TO NATIONAL ETHOS, ‘KENYA THE LAND OF THE INCORRUPTIBLE’ Kenya has variously been referred by us and our neighbours as ‘nchi ya kitu kidogo’.  What appears like a belittling preamble ‘nchi ya kitu kidogo – the end of an era’ appears in the BBI documents and BBI website.  A rebuttal on the

To avoid being unfairly charged, bring your hospital bill up to date by tweaking it

Kenyans need to be empowered enough to avoid being unfairly charged by bringing their hospital bill up to date through tweaking it.  Claims of bills inflation were emerging everywhere with hospitals unfairly generating revenue from patients. We need to figure out as a country whether we can continue on this trajectory.  When one sees the