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Post script: when all is said and done about Kenya’s healthcare crisis

When all is said and done concerning Kenya’s healthcare crisis: My two cents are – there is more to consider than the need to call for an industrial action, most critical being -Timing! On 10th July SRC released new guidelines for allowances, job grading and salary¬† structures, remuneration of state officers and public servants (2017-2022)

Frequent Cholera Outbreaks Could Be Pointing To a Dysfunctional Health System in Kenya

Picture: A woman does eatery joint chores oblivious of the free flowing sewage along the road (Picture Courtesy of Nation Media (Picture Courtesy of Nation Media) The recent cholera outbreaks in several parts of Kenya pointed to some dysfunction in the health system yet the Constitution of Kenya Article 43 recognizes sanitation and hygiene as

Health Care in Kenya: A Viable Currency for Political Negotiation

Much as health care in Kenya was a viable currency for political negotiation it was a vulnerable service industry. Ever dangerously close to the precipice of collapse, destroying the gains made every 5 years. Strikes by health care workers in Kenya somehow coincided with general elections (1997, 2013, 2017 among others). May be the stakes

Safeguard Against Strikes, Lockouts By Health Care Workers in Kenya

There was an urgent need for safeguards against strikes and lockouts by health care workers in Kenya, at least several interested parties have expressed this desire over time.  However Article 41 of the Kenya Constitution and labour relations laws spelt that: workers could express their rights to go on strike as one of the avenues

Was the Kenyan nurses’ strike linked to general elections?

Was the Kenyan nurses’ strike linked to general elections? While everyone saw that it would not be long before the strike was resolved, little did anyone imagine it would drag past the general election day, but it did. Seemingly the public had become increasingly disenchanted with strikes. Various interested parties observed that after the general