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Lay care-takers inside the Kenyan hospitals, Is there a way forward?

Lay care-takers inside the Kenyan hospitals, Was there a way forward? Today we discuss lay care providers, popularly referred to as caretakers inside the public hospitals. Do they assist with care or usurp health professional’s caring work and cover staffing shortages?  Though they are to be found mainly in public health facilities, some private and

Strikes in Kenya: From The Rare Normal to Common Normal

Strikes in Kenya had changed from the rare normal to the common normal.  Health workers have had more than a fair share in this aspect. Other recent industrial action disputes have included teachers, university lecturers etc.  Currently Nairobi County health workers were on strike. Where I work as a health sciences academia, services could be

Safeguard Against Strikes, Lockouts By Health Care Workers in Kenya

It seemed that there was an urgent need for safeguards against strikes and lockouts by health care workers in Kenya, at least several interested parties had expressed this desire over time.  The government had sponsored the Labour Relations (Ammendment) Bill 2019 which was doing its rounds this week in the national assembly.  This is in

Nurse is the fulcrum to the moving parts in Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Nursing is the fulcrum to the moving parts in universal health coverage.  It is true that every moving part in the primary health care as well a health system in general was important.  This is important since there are lots of moving parts and pieces that actually go into patient care need a coordinator.  But