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The Role of Nursing & Nursing Education in Low-Resource Countries

New e-book direct to your computer or device: Cost only $20 equivalent Ksh 2000. Just click this link. The Role of Nursing & Nursing Education in Assuring Quality Health Care in Low-Resource Countries: A case study of Kenya.  In the big Four Agenda of the Kenyan government, Universal Health Care features prominently. Nurses have a noble role to play

The ‘Perfect’ Storm Facing Nursing in Kenya

The perfect storm of nursing could be variously described. There was a need for introspection and policies guided by stakeholders in nursing to look into the many storms facing nursing in  Kenya today. I have decided to write on this topic after some people raised concern elsewhere about the Bachelor of Science Midwifery (BSM) program

New Year Gift – A Book From Me to You

Happy new year to all my readers and followers. I have a new year free gift of my new book valid for only a few days (4-8th January 2018), delivered wirelessly to your kindle from Take advantage of the free $0.00 (down from $30) for the new release. Where you can (and I

Interrogating Health Systems in Kenya and Other Developing Countries

Seeing the shortfalls, their uniqueness and gaps that exist in Kenya’s health system seems easy for most people, but putting this into context is another thing altogether. Given the public’s concern about health care in Kenya, the book concentrates on the accomplishments and failures of the system. Most of the issues explored would also apply