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An essay: Why were there no medicines in Kenyan hospitals if there was so much else to show off?

As a voter and health care provider, I wonder why there were no medicines in Kenyan public hospitals if there was so much else to show off. I will start by explaining the showiness, then why some of our priorities were upside down. In one senatorial by-election in the recent years, the campaign was very

Post script: when all is said and done about Kenya’s healthcare crisis

When all is said and done concerning Kenya’s healthcare crisis: My two cents are – there is more to consider than the need to call for an industrial action, most critical being -Timing! On 10th July SRC released new guidelines for allowances, job grading and salary¬† structures, remuneration of state officers and public servants (2017-2022)

Health Care in Kenya: A Viable Currency for Political Negotiation

Much as health care in Kenya was a viable currency for political negotiation it was a vulnerable service industry. Ever dangerously close to the precipice of collapse, destroying the gains made every 5 years. Strikes by health care workers in Kenya somehow coincided with general elections (1997, 2013, 2017 among others). May be the stakes

Was the Kenyan nurses’ strike linked to general elections?

Was the Kenyan nurses’ strike linked to general elections? While everyone saw that it would not be long before the strike was resolved, little did anyone imagine it would drag past the general election day, but it did. Seemingly the public had become increasingly disenchanted with strikes. Various interested parties observed that after the general

Nurses’ Strike and The General Elections Intertwined

Kenyan nurses’ strike and the general elections were somehow intertwined, but not for long.¬† The ongoing strike coincided with the active election campaign (started on June 5th, 2017, 65 days to the general election date of August 8th). The diverse political players used it as a pointer to the sitting government failure to offer basic