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Turbulence in Nursing: A Unique Characteristic of Kenya’s Healthcare Systems

This is part of the series: Unique characteristics of Kenya’s health care settings,We have already looked at part 1 of turbulence. Even the best of effort is only a singular contribution to the journey for the greater good that we refer to as quality health care. For example, if six patients in a 42-bed Nyayo

Why we better start embracing Cuban Docs and, export our Kenyan Nurses

Cuban doctors arrive in Kenya in June 2018. [Picture courtesy of] Someone said there could be nothing worse than being caught flat-footed most of the time or what is sometimes called running between a pillar and a post. About Cuban docs, we better start appreciating ’em. I too believe we should continue to engage

NursingNow: Quest for ‘Magnet’ recognition for Kenyan Nurses

NursingNow: Quest for ‘Magnet’ recognition for Kenyan Nurses is our topic today.  NursingNow, Kenya campaign seeks to empower nurses to take their place at the heart of tackling 21st Century health challenges. I feel it also ought to be a quest for some form of ‘magnate’ recognition for Kenyan nurses. May be NursingNow and Magnate