To newbies in nursing in Kenya – welcome aboard

Dear newbies in nursing in Kenya and welcome!

Today let me just become a ‘human resources specialist’ (from experience not training).  You must choose to do things differently, to be the first or the only one. It’s an either-or and never a neither-nor.

Either be the first or the only one or just be different or a combination of either or all of them.  You cannot be neither. As much as possible, try and avoid keeping the company of people without inspiration. People who score on the neither most of the time.

Let’s see how do we got to where we are in the first place.  For school leavers it’s a narrow wedge between career choices and subsequent career progression that will eventually determine your fulfillment or otherwise.  Doing what you like doing, working hard and getting paid for it – that is passion.   If not you will have a long day! Otherwise working hard doing what you do not like doing is called stress.

You then have to decide to adapt, adjust, advance or else quit and look for something else or something better. Another career. Start all over.  There is nothing wrong with that.

I want to warn you, however, unless you are determined not to, you will do what everyone else does: You will get sucked up in the system and spend your life wishing things were different, blaming others, never realizing you are, in fact, the only one who can change things.

Unless we are resolute and remain focused to our course in life we will follow the beaten path.  There is the road not taken, room at the top, room for inspiration and room for excellence.  As always there is something for everyone.
In all these, direction is more important than speed. Indeed the direction and trajectory than speed. Its also good to be ware that some nurses eat the young. But when you are equipped as above nothing will beat your resilience.

Compleat Nurse

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