An Exciting way to Increase Your Online Visibility Through Researchgate

The photo featured here (used with permission) you might agree is not as visible as to enable the viewer to decipher the people in it. Yet it is not so dim to the extent of failing to describe the context, involvement in a graduation event.

It is indeed a privilege to be able to contribute something other people appreciate and make use of.  In the research and academic circles, it is an asset, that is why I decided to share this just in case it might encourage someone to increase their publications visibility. You can check out another article in this website on increasing your citations. You could sample a few learning materials and books too.

With research and academic pursuits, one needs to be visible, as visible as one can be. This is the topic of our discussion today, where we explore research networks.

We will start by hanging out with Researchgate. RG as popularly called by users is a research repository, networking platform for researchers. It increases your visibility in a unique way, at least for those who desire it in for academia.

  • You have people around you in virtual space, real ones you can say Hi to, people who have done stuff, fellows with Researchgate (RG) stat scores of over 100. Stats are some form of impact factors by the individual or institution, based on some parameters key being one’s contributions to adding value to scientific knowledge.

My  journey on Researchgate

By the way, July 2018 RG score stood at 9.6 and it has been a journey. These are calculated weekly and linked to your email. You wake up to an uplifting email every Monday morning.  I was at RG Nil then 0.2 for about a year, so you see it has been a long way coming.Now I know how to move more quickly and will be sharing that next time.

  • It shows you how other people were interacting with your work. In the following message sent to me on 15th October 2017, ‘Your publications reached 30,993 reads, 14 citations, 55 recommendations’.  A real thing, not a plank by the way. Of course, this figure is cumulative since I joined RG some 4 years ago.  However, I could still tell by the statistics who read. See an article on citations here.
  • Here was a summary of how many reads in this particular article entitled:
"Applying Margaret Newman’s theory of health as expanding consciousness to psychosocial
 nursing care of HIV infected patients in Kenya" See screenshot below:

87 people on RG read it in that one week, (98 previous the week) cumulatively 5393  people since it was first posted it in January 2015.

Sharing and downloading articles is free on Researchgate

The readers can download the full article free. This is just one article and on this one forum alone. If you add others like  it had 2 reads in a week but overall 150 reads and 13 downloads. to date has a total of 55,908,022 academics as members compared to 13+ million members on RG. A big achievement by all standards.

  • Let us take another example to see that it works both ways for me. In the article parent journal since it was published in August 2015, it had 522 Downloads 1,583 Views. On it had so far 562 views and 47 and downloads. On RG upto now it had 301 reads.

Connect with gurus on Researchgate

  • Keep your profile updated and as complete as possible
  • I was able to connect with authors of books I had read like Martha Alligood and Jean Watson and by the way, Jean Watson was an Emeritus Professor at my former College of Nursing at  the University of Colorado Denver
  • On RG you can do projects and collaborations. Even some international jobs based on your interests are posted there
  • Share your work with others as eprints as links. Give them free access to your article
  • You can also increase your colleagues, your institution’s visibility by inviting them, asking for recommendations etc.
  • You get to see Projects others are working on, you can request to join or even get invited to one. Talk of collaborations, they are here.
  • Share your RG link on your email signature
  • If you gdo not see like its asking for too much you could begin a blog like this one that you are reading. A startup Kes10K annual renewal of Kes 3,400. You can do as much with a blog and its your property. You could even run a few adverts to make an extra coin.

Endless academics on Researchgate

Caption: Endless academics (Courtesy of the clip developer)

You get followers and you follow others just like on social media. I can back-link my articles to my Blog to enhance visibility to my readers that allow them to view and comment on other aspects of my work at Giving you an all-round visibility.

You too can join Researchgate

From my experience, RG is a must for most of us. This is where you play the league. The beauty of it is the feeling of growth, being connected and appreciated.

  • Just in case this is new information, note that one requires an institutional address before joining research gate for the first time. This also helps in terms of institutional repository, performance optimization of of your work in relation to others (in your institution and others) . It is not difficult to get an or, .org etc. for example

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