Looking in retrospect towards the Year of the Kenya Nurse/Midwife: a review

Today I wish that together we can look retrospectively to the year of the Kenya Nurse/Midwife.

As an insider looking in I have my high and lows when it comes to these four themes.  There will be those who feel that we need only highlight on the good and the best.  That too I can do, but as a fraternity we need to reflect retrospectively on the far we have come in Kenya.  What ails us and what we can do about it?  I have done on this wall some eight articles highlighting the storms in nursing as follows:

Unique Characteristic of Nursing in Kenya

-A Unique Characteristic of Kenya’s Healthcare Systems

– Holidaying While Health Care System Waits in Kenya

-Will be on duty over the holidays, while others will have to wait for health care

-‘Figures do not lie’ but they could about beds and cots

Official Figures Could Be Lying About Number of Beds and Cots in Kenya’s Public Hospitals

-Why we better start embracing Cuban Docs and, export our Kenyan Nurses

-The ‘Perfect’ Storm Facing Nursing in Kenya

-Is the Kenyan nurse ‘The Pied piper of Hamelin’?

By far the fairest critique has been ‘A reflective analysis of the nursing situation in Kenya: Framing the debate for a Health service Commission and making a case for Universal Health Coverage’.

If you have sampled one or two articles above let us start some debate about it.  As for me I am allover the social media walls and mainstream media doing something I like – getting to know what is trending in as far as our health sector is concerned.  Analyzing some and updating this wall.

In this year of the nurse/midwife I welcome all of us to take stock.  Feel free to write to me in the leave a reply or contact form below and I will get back to you.  Whoever writes we will respond.

Compleat Nurse.

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