BSc Nursing Curriculum Reorienting to Universal Health Coverage Basis

BSc Nursing Curriculum Reorienting to Universal Health Coverage Basis

The purpose of the study is to 

To reorient the BSc Nursing curriculum to universal 
health coverage (UHC) basis.

Research Question:

 How can the BSc Nursing curriculum be reoriented to address 
concerns about emerging 
roles placed upon nurses by universal health coverage (UHC)?
Broad Objective:  Will be to to reorient the BSc Nursing curriculum 
to the emerging issues 
in practice of Universal Health Coverage (UHC

Specific Objectives of the Study:

  1. To align the requirements of BSN curricula to UHC
  2. To identify emerging nurses’ roles for universal health coverage (UHC),
  3. To determine the nurses’ perception of working environment in relation to UHC,
  4. To determine the nurses’ perceptions of challenges in UHC


Issues expected to input into curriculum

  1. Will the nursing roles experience significant changes in service delivery or performance expectations as a result of UHC?
  2. What are the nurses’ roles in UHC (over and above their usual roles as nurses)?
  3. UHC challenges for nurses (HCWs), which – what were they?
  4. Will role of nursing impact on clients/customers in terms of UHC realization? What impact? How much? Nursing apart from its numerical advantage has the largest job classification and sub classification in the health sector.
  5. Any surprises that UHC will demand on nurses?
  6. What do nurses know, have learnt from- CME, CPDs, others about UHC?
  7. What do we surmise nurses know, have learnt from BSN Curriculum?
  8. Any inconsistencies between expectations/roles on nurses and the knowledge they possess?
  9. Nurses as implementers of new government policies, what have been the issues, challenges?



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